Friday, 8 April 2011


as a group project at uni we were asked to redesign the artwork for gary numan's album 'the pleasure principle'. we decided to look at the meaning of the pleasure principle itself which is basically that we repeat things which we enjoy and avoid doing things we don't. i got a bit distracted by these horny beasts.
the top images are the original record sleeves, the next two are my reinterpretations and the rest are just pure pleasure.
we also made a video to the first track on the album, 'airlane'. the tutors didnt seem to like it but i still love it to this day. its based on phallic machinery, animals 'doing the do' and things we do just to please ourselves e.g. eating, picking our noses..

Untitled from megan turner-jones on Vimeo.
fond memories megan and abby !

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